Mei Lin Barnes
Mei Lin in 1110
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Black
Dark brown
Complexion Cream
Residence China (formerly),
Barneses' House, Elwood City
Family Mrs. Barnes (adopted mother)
Mr. Barnes (adopted father)
Binky (adopted brother)

Binky's grandfather (adopted grandfather) Binky's grandmother (adopted grandmother)
Shelley Barnes (adopted great-grandfather)
Other unnamed relatives (seen in Postcards from Binky)

Cartoon debut "Big Brother Binky"
Voiced by Carrie Finlay[1][2]

Mei Lin Barnes is Binky's adopted little sister from China.


She can understand what Pal, Kate and Amigo say and is friends with them. She can walk and says she likes being on the ground. In "Baby Steps", she plays a few notes on Arthur's piano. She can wave and say "hello" and put together two-piece animal puzzles. She enjoys pulling Binky's finger, thus making him burp. She has a quilt that Binky's friends contributed to make. Her first appearance is "Big Brother Binky." Binky gets annoyed by all her crying. In "Mei Lin Takes a Stand," she was getting ready to stand up on her own.


She's a sweet and nice infant who loves to play with Binky. She also loves playing with Kate.




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