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Mighty Mountain Player
3rd Grade Female Bear 1
Grade 3
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Blonde
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut "Arthur Makes the Team"
Voiced by Phoebe McAuley

Mighty Mountain Player[1] is an unnamed third grader who attends Mighty Mountain School. She is on the Mighty Mountain soccer team.

Her personality is not known (since she is a background character), but she appears to get along fairly well with Francine in the episode" April 9th" where she and Francine were thumb wrestling each other.

This adds to the fact the rivalry between Mighty Mountain and Lakewood is just a sports rivalry and nothing more. She also spoke for the first time during the episode "Nicked by a Name."

Physical appearance[]

3rd Grade Female Bear is a bear with cream complexion who wears long orange pants, a white collared shirt with buttons, a blue vest, and blue and white sneakers. She also has long blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail with a red hair tie. In most of her appearances she along with her teammates are seen wearing their sports uniform.




  • "April 9th" was the only episode where she is ever seen wearing her regular clothes and not a sports uniform.
  • "Nicked by a Name" is the only time she was ever heard speaking.


Alternate apparel[]

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