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Mighty Mountain School
Mighty Mountain 2
Location Elwood City
Type Public Elementary School
Administrator Principal
Staff 3rd Grade Teacher
Trevor Brown
Number of students 25+

Mighty Mountain School is a public elementary school and one of the fifteen schools in Elwood City.[1] It is the main rival of Lakewood Elementary School. In "April 9th," Arthur and his classmates are temporarily transferred to this school while Lakewood is renovated after being damaged by fire. Likewise, in "When Rivals Came to Roost," Mighty Mountain students briefly go to classes at Lakewood, after a burst pipe flooded the school. Some of the Tough Customers used to attend this school before transferring to Lakewood Elementary at some point.


Mighty Mountain competes in the following sports, often against Lakewood:

They also have a cheerleading squad which comes to certain sporting events, including soccer and track.


Mighty Mountain is known mainly for athletics. However, they do have a group of chess players, spearheaded by Los Dedos.


Former Students[]