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Mighty Mountain Elementary Soccer Team

Home Stadium

Mighty Mountain Soccer Field

Largest Win (mentioned)

6-0 vs Lakewood

Largest Loss (mentioned)

0-39 vs Lakewood


Sam Sam Scarborough

  The Mighty Mountain Soccer Team represents Mighty Mountain Elementary School. Most of the team members seem to be more skilled then their rivals at Lakewood Elementary School. The team players themselves have been seen most of the time playing against Lakewood, which is the only time they actually appear except for the episode April 9th where all the kids at Lakewood went to Mighty Mountain for some time when the school was damaged by fire.


It's unknown who's their coach as the school and the team in general has barely been focused on throughout the series.


The Mighty Mountain Soccer Team's uniform had red jerseys and black shorts. Unlike Lakewood the team has kept the same uniforms instead of changing them.

Current Roster[]

Former Roster[]