Gender Male
Eye color #96C6D1
Hair color #300600
Job 3rd grade teacher
Cartoon debut "The Last Day"
Voiced by B.J. Novak
Mike Cramp,[1] better known as "MC", is the cool new teacher at Lakewood Elementary School. He was going to be a new 4th grade teacher and Mr. Ratburn's class wanted to have him. But, he decided that he liked teaching 3rd grade better when Arthur's class realized they wanted Mr. Ratburn again as a teacher. He will teach 3rd grade during the upcoming school year in Mr. Ratburn's current classroom.




  1. "Actually, the name has nothing to do with cramps. It's from the Anglo-Saxon "crampe", which was a nickname for someone stooped over, but I never liked the way Mike Cramp sounded. That's why I go by MC." — MC, "The Last Day"

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