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Miss Sweetwater
DDD 56
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brown
Job 3rd Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Teacher "First Day"

Book debut Arthur and the True Francine
Cartoon debut "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"
Voiced by Sonja Ball

Miss Sweetwater[1][note 1] is one of the third grade teachers at Lakewood Elementary School. Miss Sweetwater is a commonly-seen teacher at Lakewood who loves to do fun things with her students. She's often seen playing her guitar and passing out snacks to the class if they do well at their lessons.

Her homework is also known to be rather easy, unlike Mr. Ratburn's. However, she often teaches things that her students should already know at the 3rd Grade level, and compared to Mr. Ratburn, is more interested in doing fun things than actual teaching.

Miss Sweetwater once served as a substitute for Arthur's class when their earlier substitute, Ms. Blank, was unable to come. She let them color and have snacks all day while she was the substitute, much to the class's delight.

In "Arthur's First Day," her class list identifies her as a second grade teacher for the new school year.

Physical appearance[]

Miss Sweetwater is a tall rabbit with white fur and neck-length brown hair. She is always seen wearing a turquoise blazer and skirt with brown shoes. In the early Arthur books, she is depicted as a cat and wore glasses, although the cartoon and later books changed her appearance to that of a rabbit and removed the glasses.


Miss Sweetwater is, as her name implies, a very sweet woman who loves to have fun all day. She likes to sing songs, give snacks and treats to her students, and often does puppet shows or plays the guitar. She doesn't have a bad temper at all and gets along with everybody in the school. But she can be a bit pesky and aloof, once scaring off the secretary Ms. Tingley when she insisted on playing a guitar solo in the episode Draw! in order to brighten her mood and chased her all around the school.

Miss Sweetwater may be unfocused, however, as she rarely is ever seen teaching truly serious lessons to her students and isn't much of a challenge when compared to Mr. Ratburn.





Former students[]


  • Miss Sweetwater's favorite song on the guitar is I Like Fudge.
  • In some episodes,[citation needed] she is sometimes incorrectly referred to "Mrs. Sweetwater" despite the fact that the other female third grade teacher Mrs. Fink is the only one married.
  • Every student in Miss Sweetwater's current class has spoken in past episodes.



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  1. She is specifically a "Miss" and not a "Ms." See here and here for examples of her name in closed captions.