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"Molina's Mulligan"
Season/Series: 17
Number in season: 3a
Original Airdate: United States November 13, 2013[1]
United Kingdom October 28, 2013[2][3]
Australia April 25, 2013[4]
Written by: Matt Hoverman
Storyboard by: Cilbur Rocha
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"Buster Bombs"
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"Molina's Mulligan" is the first half of the third episode in the seventeenth season of Arthur.


Alberto discovers that he has a natural talent for golf and begins competing at the local country club. But will his dad's over-enthusiastic and embarrassing cheers cause him to give up the sport altogether?[5]


At the park, where an earthquake is taking place, Bionic Bunny is seen flying over where the earthquake is, and goes to save the day. He then starts saying to the viewers that the hardest part of being a superhero is not lifting heavy objects, or preventing natural disasters. While sealing up the earthquake, Bionic Bunny gets distracted by a fan who wants him to sign his limited-edition coffee mug. As he goes to sign it, Bionic Bunny loses control of the earthquake, and gets launched away. During this, he says to the viewers that "the hardest part of being a superhero is the fans!"

Molina's Mulligan

After the title card, Mr. Molina is seen in the kitchen reading an article in the Elwood City Times about how Alberto won the junior soccer championship by passing three defenders. Alberto comes into the kitchen and corrects his dad, saying that he only passed two defenders. Mr. Molina wants to paste the article into Alberto's scrapbook, but Alberto tells his dad that he has to go with Arthur for his morning run.

While Arthur and Alberto are running by the Crosswires', Chip hits a golf ball which almost hits Alberto, and Alberto also manages to catch Chip's golf club when he accidentally lets go of it. Muffy explains to Arthur and Alberto that she is helping Chip train for an upcoming golf tournament, and Chip asks Alberto if he could have his club back. Alberto has never played golf before, and attempts hitting the ball with Chip's club, getting a perfect shot. After Alberto gets multiple good shots, Muffy asks him if he wants to play a game of golf on a real golf course. Alberto agrees, and Muffy hopes that he has a good caddy. Arthur volunteers to be the caddy, although he does not understand what that means.

Later, Arthur says to Alberto that he can borrow his dad's old golf clubs, and he also says that he found a book about caddying, to help them understand what it means. Mr. Molina ends up hearing about the golf tournament, but he sadly says that he has a dentist appointment on the day of the tournament. When Mr. Molina decides that he will reschedule the appointment, Alberto objects, but to no use.

That night in Arthur's bedroom, Arthur reads the book about how to be a good caddy, and he has a fantasy where he helps Alberto, as the book says that a caddy needs to be loyal.

The next day, Mr. Molina offers to drive Alberto and Arthur to the golf course, but Alberto refuses, saying that he and Arthur are going to practice in the park first. While practicing at the park, Arthur asks Alberto why he wanted to get away from his dad so quickly, and Alberto explains that his dad embarrasses him whenever he plays sports.

At the game, Mr. Molina arrives, holding a box of t-shirts with Alberto's face on them with the tagline, 'The Dean of the Green'. Mr. Molina then tells Arthur to put one of the t-shirts on, but he refuses. During the game, Chip misses a shot and calls a mulligan. Mr. Molina asks Muffy what that means, to which she explains that a mulligan is a term for a do-over, and that you are allowed to take one on the first turn. After the game, Chip congratulates Alberto for getting such a good score and winning the game. When Mr. Molina says that he needs to put Alberto's score card in the scrapbook to compare with the next one, Alberto gets offended, and says to his dad that there is not going to be a next time. When his dad asks why, Alberto explains to him that he embarrasses him every time he plays sports, not just golf.

Later at the Molinas', Alberto comes to his dad, who tells him that his score was so good that he got qualified for the junior championship. Mr. Molina says to Alberto that although he would like to come, he will be very busy at the café that day, and he also tells Alberto to have fun.

At the championship that Harry Mills is reporting on, Alberto is losing to Chip, and has a fantasy that his dad is irritated that he did not come. Arthur calls Mr. Molina, seeing that Alberto is sad. When Mr. Molina comes, he asks Alberto for a mulligan, which means to get a do-over. Alberto agrees, and returns to the game.

After Alberto wins the junior championship, his dad gives him a victory empanada. When Alberto takes the wrapper of the empanada and makes a shot into the wastebasket, Mr. Molina jokes around with Alberto by saying that he should play basketball. The episode finishes with the pair walking off together.







Cultural references

  • The golfer Alberto mentioned, "Jaguar Forest," is a reference to famous golfer Tiger Woods.


  • When Alberto is making several shots with Chip's golf club at the Crosswires', Arthur's red t-shirt turns yellow in one scene.
  • When Mr. Molina drinks from a smoothie, the filling level in the glass remains unchanged.

Production notes

  • The existence of this episode was announced by Greg Bailey on January 13, 2013.[6]


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