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This article is about Molly MacDonald. You may be looking for Muffy Crosswire, who is called “Molly” in some international dubs.
Molly MacDonald
Age 9[1]
Grade 4th

5th ("Arthur's First Day")

Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Moderate scarlet
Complexion Pale, light grayish gamboge
Residence MacDonald family's house, Elwood City
Family Mrs. MacDonald (mother)
James MacDonald (younger brother)
Myles MacDoogal (uncle)
Myrtle (step-aunt)
Chester (possibly uncle)
Prudence (possibly cousin)
Family relative (father?)
James' second cousin (possibly second cousin)
Molly's grandmother
Flurgan the Fantastic (ancestor)[2]
Kilgore the Dim (ancestor)[2]
Edna the Easily Amused (ancestor)[2]
Oliver the Walloper (ancestor)[2]
James the Squinty (ancestor)[2]
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Maggie Castle

Molly MacDonald is a fourth grader at Lakewood Elementary School and a member of the Tough Customers. Despite her tough exterior, she has also shown her more creative side in episodes like "The Agent of Change." Her younger brother is James who is D.W.'s friend and classmate. She enjoys listening to the heavy metal band Mütakrüde and taking care of James.

Personality and skills[]

In earlier episodes, she could be sarcastic, selfish and a bigger bully than Binky at times.[3] Despite this, she still gives great advice which was revealed in "Don't Ask Muffy" and even described as her hidden talent in "Brain's Chess Mess," and she helps her younger brother James.[4] In "Mind Your Manners," she gives some practical advice to the Tibble twins, while showing courtesy to another customer. However, Molly has a complete change of heart in "The Last Tough Customer" after witnessing her brother James being mean to Amanda Hulser, and resolves to stop being mean to others. Molly is very skilled in skateboarding, being shown to enjoy practicing at the skatepark and using it as her main means of transport outside of school. She is also a talented artist, as seen in "The Agent of Change" when she joins up with Muffy and Francine to create an animated movie after being annoyed at there being no blockbuster movies with female leads, and also after Binky makes fun of them for wanting a female lead, explaining that a female lead is just boring.

Physical appearance[]

Molly is a tall, slimmer anthropomorphic rabbit with long ears and a white complexion. She wears a sleeveless denim jacket with ripped jeans and red sneakers. Her hair is always let down and blinds her eyes, though they have been seen at least twice.[5][6]


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Molly playing guitar in "Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll"

Preschool Molly

Molly as a preschooler.

In the episode "The Last Tough Customer," it was revealed that she was bullied as a preschooler. That event marked the day Molly became a bully. Before she got bullied, her hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head, giving her the name "Muffin Head". Then, when a kid asked if she was doing okay, she got mad and told him to get lost. Then finally she took out her scrunchie until her hair became like her present day hairstyle.



  • Mrs. MacDonald - Her mother.
  • James MacDonald - James and Molly are very close. James has been shown to turn to his older sister for advice on many occasions, and look up to her. In "The Last Tough Customer," she stopped James from becoming a bully after witnessing him bully Amanda at the water fountain and promising to stop her mean ways.


  • Arthur Read - Arthur and Molly are shown to be friends in a few episodes,[7] but usually they are not by the end of the episodes. This public attitude, however, is just a cover so they can still be friends without anyone knowing.
  • The Tough Customers - Molly likes the Tough Customers very much. In "The Last Tough Customer", she did not want the Tough Customers to be nice. Also, in "The Law of the Jungle Gym," she did not want to give the jungle gym to Muffy for her photos. She is the most loyal Tough Customer and is tougher than Binky, Rattles and Slink, who each have a secret hobby.



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