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Moon Boots
First Appeared

Arthur Bounces Back

Last Appeared

The Butler Did It

Moon Boots are a toy/sporting-goods item Arthur enjoys. He acquired them in Arthur Bounces Back. In Arthur Bounces Back, Arthur first comes across Moon Boots in the toy store, and imagines himself bouncing on the moon's surface in them.

He becomes determined to buy a pair, but is told by his parents that in order to appreciate them, he'd have to buy them with his own money, so he works hard around the house to earn cash for his boots.

Arthur tries numerous methods, such as a lemonade stand, a fortune teller act, even a kissing booth, but none of them work. He also tries looking for spare change, and asking his Grandma Thora for money; however, Thora had already been told not to lend money to him. When he sees the advertisement for them on T.V., he becomes more determined to buy them. His parents ask him to clean the garage, which will help him save up for his boots in return. Arthur does so when Mrs. Tibble arrives. Mistaking the cleanup for a garage sale, she asks to purchase a necklace Arthur had found among the clutter, and Arthur first thinks it over. Finally, he sells it at $10 without his parents' knowledge.

Arthur finally buys his boots, but hides them from his folks as he did not earn them honestly. He later learns from his dad that the necklace was a birthday present for Mom. Realizing his mistake, he goes to Mrs. Tibble to explain what happened, and agrees to return the boots and her money in exchange for the necklace. He also offers to help Mrs. Tibble rake her leaves while using the moon boots, which allow him to hop up and get them off the trees before they fall.

Arthur apparently was able to purchase the boots by a more honest means, as he still has them in Arthur and D.W. Clean Up. In this episode, D.W. takes them out without his permission while they are cleaning his room.

Arthur mentions them again as a fad in "The Butler Did It".