Mora Velasquez
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Black
Family Mora's grandfather
Mora's father
Mora's mother
Carlos (husband)
Manny (great-uncle-in-law)
Unnamed father-in-law
Unnamed mother-in-law
Job Musician
Cartoon debut "Meet Me at the Fair"
Voiced by Elizabeth Diaga (season 1)
Stephanie Martin (seasons 2-3)

Mora Velasquez is one of the lead members of the Latin American band Los Viajeros. She sings lead vocals, but often plays the accordion that her dad brought with him when he first arrived from Mexico.[1]


Mora's parents are from Mexico, but she grew up in New York City.[1]

She studied at the American University in Cairo. While in Egypt, she learned to speak Arabic.[2]


Her grandfather owned a dairy farm, as she mentioned in "Meet Me at the Fair".


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