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Season/Series: 6
Number in season: 7B
Original Airdate: United States November 5, 2001[1]
Canada January 11, 2002[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Elie Klimos
Patricia Atchison
"The Boy with His Head in the Clouds"
"Rhyme for Your Life"
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"More!" is the second half of the seventh episode in the sixth season of Arthur.


D.W. is excited to be getting an allowance, but is discontent once she learns that Emily and the Tibbles have already been getting their own allowances and have more money.


Arthur is talking about how D.W. can't stand things not being equal. He then tells about the time where she got really crazy when she was at Emily's house. She was jealous of Emily's French nanny.


D.W. comes home after visiting Emily and goes straight to her room. Nadine appears and D.W. asks her to review the reasons why she needs a French nanny.

Why I Need a French Nanny Like Emily by D.W. Read

  1. Sometimes you and dad have a lot of important work to do and need a break.
  2. It's always good to learn foreign languages.
  3. I am very dainty and need somebody and need to protect me from Arthur when he becomes crazy and mean, which is often.

Right before D.W. was about to read the reasons to her parents, her parents say that she will be getting an allowance. At first, D.W. thinks it's a bad thing, but they say that she will get 75 cents a week. She is amazed that she will be getting free money. D.W. is excited to tell her friends about her allowance. D.W. gets jealous when Emily says that she has been getting an allowance for a year. She becomes even more jealous when she learns that Emily gets a dollar! Next she asks the Tibble Twins, and they show them their bank account book.

At the dinner table, D.W. shows her parents how much money she would have if they started giving her an allowance last year, and gets sent to her room for being disrespectful. The next day, she starts to act very good by doing chores around the house. She thinks that if she does them she will get a bigger allowance; however, D.W. get turned down by her Mom who doesn't take kindly to her greed.

She asks Arthur and his friends how much allowance they get and how they stay friends with different allowances. She then calls the mayor, demanding that all kids get the same allowance, which angers her Mom once again. Afterwards, Arthur's friends storm out of the house because they get different allowances and Muffy is spoiled.

The next day at preschool, D.W. acts like a princess and offers to buy the whole class milk tickets (even though she only has play money). Upon noticing that the money is play money, she gets embarrassed and starts to cry. At naptime, D.W. is still crying. Emily tries to cheer her up by giving D.W. some of her allowance so they have the same, but D.W. gives it back to her. They become friends again. D.W. then realizes that she shouldn't get so jealous over money.

At the end, D.W. calls Grandma Thora asking for an allowance from her, but Jane calls her name.








  • The title is displayed straight and horizontal, instead of curved.  The two other title cards to be displayed straight and horizontal are Crushed and April 9th.
  • This is Jonathan Koensgen's final appearance as Tommy Tibble.

Cultural references


  • Just before the scene where Jane and David announce that D.W. is getting an allowance, an overhead shot of the dinner table is shown with the Brain sitting in place of David.
  • After D.W. gets in trouble from calling the mayor about money, Buster is heard saying "that's so unfair", but he's not seen leaving Arthur and her house with Francine and Muffy, while ending their friendship.

    Brain sitting at the table in place of David