Mother Nature
Mother Nature.jpg
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Eye color Black
Hair color Gray
Complexion White
Book debut D.W. Saves the Day

Mother Nature is a fictional character made up by D.W. in the Arthur's Family Values book D.W. Saves the Day to stop the Tibble twins from wreaking havoc at the park.

Physical appearance

Mother Nature is a giant elderly rabbit with a white complexion, gray hair and black eyes. She wears a purple checkered and long-sleeved blouse, a green scarf, oval-shaped glasses, and a straw hat with a purple band and an orange decorative flower.


Mother Nature really loves everything in nature, including flowers and animals, and will get angry at anyone who messes with nature and punish them.


According to the story D.W. tells to the Tibble twins, Mother Nature was a giant who was the mother of all the flowers and animals in the world. She watered her flowers with a giant watering can (which is the reason it rains according to the story), turned caterpillars into butterflies by gluing wings on them, and touched flower buds with her magic wand to make them bloom. However, Mother Nature got really mad when two very naughty boys (referring to the Tibble twins) started to tear up her flowers, chase her ducks, and litter. To punish the boys, Mother Nature turned herself into a giant spider and spun a giant web that the boys got trapped in. At the end of the book, when Arthur drops a piece of paper on the ground, D.W. tells him to pick it up because "Mother Nature is always watching."


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