This article is about the Motorloco L-19. You may be looking for the Motorloco L-17.
Motorloco L-19
Item Type

Navigation system


Bitzi Baxter

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Calls It"

The Motorloco L-19 is a GPS device. Bitzi Baxter bought it to replace the defective Motorloco L-17, which tended to give inaccurate directions. The Motorloco L-19 unfortunately also proves highly defective, leading Bitzi into the countryside miles away from her intended destination. It also featured a highly condescending voiceover mode, rudely telling Bitzi to follow the directions even when they were way off from their intended course. The device even forced her to drive across a river bed with Buster and Arthur in tow, and said they had reached their destination when this was shown to be false. Presumably Bitzi later disposed of this device as well after realizing how misleading it was.

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