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"Mr. Alwaysright"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 7b
Original Airdate: United States September 4, 2007[1]
Canada October 17, 2007[3]
United Kingdom December 20, 2007[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Hic or Treat"
"Francine's Pilfered Paper"
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"Mr. Alwaysright" is the second half of the seventh episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


Know-it-all Brain gets on Buster's nerves.


In the introduction, the kids play baseball. Arthur remarks that some people are nearly always right about something – Francine about sports, Binky about music, Buster about candy – but no one is ever right about everything. Brain corrects Arthur's sentence structure.

Mr. Alwaysright

In the Powers’ ice cream shop, Buster shows Arthur a hat he bought for his mother's birthday. Arthur suggests he exchange it, so Buster asks Arthur to come with him and help him choose. Arthur has to help his dad, so Buster asks Brain.

Buster tries on several hats. He likes a beret, but it has a hole in it. Buster thinks that something was attached which fell off. Brain says it is a moth hole. Buster eventually chooses a reggae cap, though Brain suggests a Tyrolean hat.

Buster gives his mom the reggae cap. She thanks him but does not really seem pleased. Buster is peeved and wants to see Brain being wrong about something.

At the ice cream shop, Buster orders a complicated sundae, which Brain manages effortlessly. In the library, Buster quizzes Brain on European capitals. Brain understands the answers and even notices that Buster is using an outdated atlas. Even when Buster calls Brain at night with a math question, Brain answers correctly.

Buster has a fantasy in which he and Brain are senior citizens in a retirement home. Buster argues that Brain has been wrong about the weather, only for the weather to change to rain like Brain said. A musical number celebrates Brain as “Mr. Alwaysright.”

The next day, Buster tries more questions, but Brain stops him. He has realized that Buster is annoyed because of the hat for his mom. Brain deliberately answers a simple question about Gustave Eiffel from Mr. Ratburn wrong, greatly surprising the entire class. Buster is initially happy, but soon understands that Brain gave the wrong answer on purpose. He apologizes for pestering Brain. Just then, he sees Muffy with a beret she got from a clothing exchange.

Buster visits the clothing exchange with Brain to get a beret. They find several, but each has a hole. The owner explains that there should be a jeweled beetle in place of the hole, but they kept falling out. However, he is able to repair the berets with thicker thread. Brain reminds Buster that they already saw a beret like that when first shopping for hats. Buster was right about something having fallen off and Brain was wrong. Buster does not care anymore, but he gets a beret for his mom.

The episode finishes at the ice cream shop. Mrs. Baxter likes the beret and got some gloves in exchange for the reggae cap. Buster pulls Brain's leg by claiming Brain got an order wrong, just to hear him say “my mistake”.







Cultural references[]

  • When Buster "quizzes" Brain with the atlas, he asks him what the capital of Czechoslovakia is. Brain replies that Czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore, and was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which took place around 1992–1993.[4]
  • The first hat that Buster buys for his mother is a Rastacap.
  • When Mr. Ratburn asks Buster what Gustave Eiffel invented, Buster answer is "1492" which is a reference to when Christopher Columbus set off on his expedition to the New World.


  • When Arthur says, "Fortunately, no one is ever right about everything," Brain calls his sentence "poorly constructed" and says that using both "ever" and "always" is redundant. However, Arthur did not say "always" when he spoke.
  • The writing on Francine's paper is slanted in different ways, depending on the angle from which it is seen.

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