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Mr. Bellamy
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Complexion White
Residence Westboro Apartments, Elwood City
Job Photographer
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "Francine's Bad Hair Day"
Voiced by Arthur Holden

Mr. Bellamy[1] is a photographer that has appeared in several episodes of Arthur. He is usually seen around a camera taking photographs, and in "How the Cookie Crumbles" it seems like he may have his own photography studio. Since digital photography has become more common, he has appeared less in recent episodes. He was revealed to live at Westboro Apartments in "Meek for a Week."


Season 1[]

Meek for a week westboro apartments

The photographer in his pajamas in "Meek for a Week"

  • Meek for a Week - He is one of the residents of Westboro Apartments who appears on the roof of the building to complain about Francine's drumming. He appears in his pajamas in this appearance.
  • D.W. Thinks Big - He was shown taking a wedding photo of everyone involved in Aunt Lucy's wedding. Photographs of Aunt Lucy were also visible, but it is unknown if he took those as well. Before he takes the photo and when D.W. comes in he is white, but when D.W. is leaving, he is brown.

Season 2[]

  • Draw! - He is briefly seen in the crowd at the Teachers Charity Carnival, most likely to take pictures of the events.
  • Lost! - He is seen sitting next to Arthur on the bus, and is also shown sitting next to a worker at Manny's Diner on the bus at a different time. He is also shown getting off of the bus.
  • How the Cookie Crumbles - After Muffy wins a contest, he is seen taking pictures of Muffy in his studio.

Season 3[]

  • Arthur Rides the Bandwagon - During Arthur's dream sequence, he was shown taking a group picture of Mr. Ratburn's class along with their Woogles. However, Arthur didn't have one, and had to hold a broccoli instead. When he was a grown-up, he didn't get one for his daughter and her baby brother. As a result, she and the baby were going to run away from home. When they opened the door, they saw all of Arthur's friends, now grown-up, and their kids, who are pointing at Arthur and calling him "Broccoli-Head."

Season 6[]

Season 8[]

  • Bugged - In Brain's nightmare where he becomes a bug, he imagines having a class picture taken. Because he was a bug, the camera flash scared him away, and the photographer said "We're gonna have to take that one again."

Season 12[]

Season 13[]

Season 21[]

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"Are you lost, little girl?"
– Mr. Bellamy to D.W., "D.W. Thinks Big"

"This is a disaster. Let me think... let me think. A-ha!"
– Mr. Bellamy, about Arthur not owning a Woogle, "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"