Mr. Melt
Mr melt
Gender Male
Animal Human
Cartoon debut "Prunella's Prediction"
Mr. Melt is a heat-themed villain that appeared in Arthur's dream in "Prunella's Prediction." He hates ice and snow, and was also resentful over not being invited to the skating party, so he used his heat vision to melt the ice skating rink while Buster, Brain, Muffy, and Francine were still on it. He was then defeated by Mr. Puffy, who belly-bumped him into the lake, extinguishing his fire.


  • He is voiced by Montreal voice actor, Vlad Padowicz (me) ;) who also voiced the Whirling Dervish "Omar" in Ripley's believe it or not - Love's many charms, as well as the "Security guard" at the Reptile House in Little Lulu's - Road Trip.


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