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Mr. Pryce-Jones
Gender Male
Animal Rodent
Hair color Brown (white in old age)
Complexion Brown
Residence Elwood City
Job 3rd Grade Teacher
Book debut King Arthur
Cartoon debut "The Return of the King"

Mr. Pryce-Jones is a third grade teacher of Glenbrook Academy. He taught Mr. Ratburn when he was a child, and is currently the private tutor of Mr. Haney's niece and nephew.

Mr. Pryce-Jones employs a teaching style that, according to Mr. Ratburn, "Pushed us to the limits of our strength." Pryce-Jones teaches his 3rd grade students Latin, English, history, and makes his students do physical exercise during recess.

Physical appearance[]

Pryce-Jones wears a blue suit coat which bears the Glenbrook Academy insignia, tan khaki pants, a white shirt, dark blue tie, and black shoes.