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"Mr. Read's Dessert Van" is not an official name.
David's Catering Van

David's catering van.

Mr. Read's Dessert Van is a catering van driven only by David Read. He drives it to deliver desserts to many people, especially Ed Crosswire.


Mr. Read's catering van is has an emblem of a gray pot with a face that wears a chef's hat on both sides that represents his business, a windowless sliding passenger side door plus that the wall on the opposite side is windowless, a flat nose, round headlamps, two square windshields, and two rear doors with square windows. The interior has brown vinyl seats with two bucket seats and one bench seat, and it has a rear cargo compartment for David to store the cakes and other desserts he bakes. It was originally blue during its second appearance in "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend," but was painted yellow afterwards, and then changed to purple after Season 10.


Often mistaken for a Volkswagen Type 2, the catering van is much more similar to a 1960 Dodge A100. While the Volkswagen Type 2 has a split windshield, it does not have a rear entry door. Having the rear entry door would be impossible because of the Type 2's rear mounted engine. In addition to having the split windshield, the A100 has a two small rear entry double doors. However, the A100 does not have a sliding door on the passenger side. Instead the Dodge Van has two small double doors similar to the back double doors.