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Mr. Sanders
Gender Male
Animal Dog (season 5)
Cat (season 10)
Hair color Brown (season 5)
Grayish-white (season 10)
Complexion Brown (season 5)
Tanned cream (season 10)
Residence Westboro Apartments, Elwood City
Job Landlord
Cartoon debut "Francine Goes to War"

Mr. Sanders is the caretaker and possibly owner of Westboro Apartments. Francine occasionally gets in trouble with him.

In "Francine Goes to War," he tells Francine to stop drumming on the roof at sunrise because they had been getting complaints from the new tenant, Mrs. Pariso.

In "Feeling Flush," he replaces the toilet lid which Francine and Catherine broke. When Francine checks the water-usage meter for her apartment, he becomes suspicious that her family is using more than their fair share of water.

Physical appearance[]

In his first appearance, the caretaker is unnamed and is depicted as a dog wearing a yellow shirt, blue overalls, and brown shoes, and a tool belt. This may have been an early design of Mr. Sanders or Mr. Sanders' predecessor.

In "Feeling Flush", Mr. Sanders is named and looks completely different. He is a cat who wears a turquoise vest and white undershirt with a blue tie. He also wears jeans and carries a set of keys, most likely to all of the rooms in the complex.