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Mr. Sipple
Mr. Sipple
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Complexion Pale, light grayish gold (s1)
Amberish white (s6)
Residence Mr. Sipple's house (formerly)
Family Mrs. Sipple (possible wife)
Book debut Arthur's TV Trouble
Cartoon debut "So Long, Spanky"
Voiced by Mark Camacho (s1)
Rob Wreford (s6)

Mr. Sipple is the former next-door neighbor of the Read family.


In Arthur's TV Trouble, Arthur helps Mr. Sipple clean out his garage, which he only does every 50 years. He pays Arthur $12 to move his stacks of newspapers to the curb.

In "So Long, Spanky," when D.W. tries to stop Toady from running away, Toady runs into Mr. Sipple's backyard where he is mowing the lawn and is almost ran over by his lawnmower. D.W. tells him to stop the machine, to which he stops the lawnmower and Toady is saved.

He makes a cameo in "Arthur's Family Vacation" as the man in the Jaws-style movie.

In "D.W. Rides Again," when D.W. makes a silly face at Arthur on her bike, Mr. Sipple comes running up to her in his underwear and gives her a cabbage. He explains that, where he comes from, making a funny face on a bicycle means "Bring me a cabbage, fast!". Mr. Sipple then realizes that he left the tub running and leaves.

In "Arthur and Los Vecinos," Mr. Sipple moves away, but gives Arthur and D.W. a plastic singing fish named Thelma as a farewell gift. This episode reveals that Mr. Sipple has a liking for fish and the ocean, as he wears a sailor hat, and has ocean-related hobbies, such as barbecuing fish late at night and singing sea shanties loudly in the shower.

It is unknown where Mr. Sipple moved to and what his status is now. He has not appeared since Season 6.





  • One of his relatives could possibly be named Susy, as the name 'Susy Sipple' is on the sign-up sheet in "You Are Arthur". It's not his name as he is male.