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Mr. Toad
Mr. Toad
Gender Male
Animal Toad
Family Toady (wife)
Job Sock investor
Cartoon debut "The Great Sock Mystery"

Mr. Toad is a toad who invests in the Sock Exchange. He is also the husband of Toady. He is a shrewd business toad that collects what he can when he can.

He first appeared in "The Great Sock Mystery" when he stole D.W.'s favorite pair of socks. After much debating, he eventually forgot about it when he met Toady. They apparently knew each other since they were tadpoles.

By "The Great Lint Rush" he had a very large share in the Sock Exchange and practically controlled it. Pal, Amigo and Baby Kate tried to get the socks back from him, but after negotiating, Pal was only able to be loaned a sock with an interest rate of 10 socks by the end of the week or else Mr. Toad would take control of the Reads' house. So they made up a plan to trick Mr. Toad; they would make him think lint is worth more than socks. It worked and it also saved the Sock Exchange.

Mr. Toad later stole Arthur's glasses in "Through the Looking Glasses."