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Mrs. Armstrong
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Moderate vermilion (s1-s5)
Brilliant vermilion (s6-present)
Complexion Brilliant gamboge
Residence Armstrongs' house, Elwood City
Family Sue Ellen (daughter)
Mr. Armstrong (husband)
Job Homemaker[1]
Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen Moves In"
Voiced by Jane Woods

Melissa Altro (s19)

Mrs. Armstrong[2] is Sue Ellen's mother and the wife of Mr. Armstrong. She is a homemaker. The Armstrongs travel a lot, and she has clothes from many countries.

Physical appearance[]

Mrs. Armstrong looks very much like her daughter, but with shorter hair and wears yellow barrettes like Francine. She wears a cream-colored shirt with yellow loops, a pair of loose-fitting lavender pants, and a pair of orange and white high-topped sneakers.



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  2. "I'm down to three suspects: Buster Baxter, Francine Frensky, and Sue Ellen Armstrong."Arthur Read, "Arthur's Lost Library Book"