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Mrs. Drone
Gender Female
Animal Sheep
Hair color Blonde
Job Teacher
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble"

Mrs. Drone (originally named Mrs. Bofini in early episodes) was a past substitute teacher for Mr. Ratburn's class. The class disliked her, because she had a habit of chewing apples with her mouth open in front of the class, and talking while eating, and was very exhausted. During the flashback, she told Mr. Ratburn's students to spell the word leather, but her habits distracted them from spelling. She was led by Mr. Elkin ranked #2 of the worst substitute teachers behind Ms. Tremello, according to Arthur and his friends.

She also appeared and spoke in a flashback in the episode "Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto." The flashback takes place one year before the episode, during the previous parents' open house. She shows a slideshow about a trip to the forest, and Oliver Frensky falls asleep during it. In this appearance, it appears that she was one of the regular second grade teachers, as opposed to a substitute like her first appearance.