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Mrs. Hulser
Mrs. Hulser 1
Mrs. Hulser in "My Fair Tommy"
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Dark brown
Family Amanda Hulser (daughter)
Cartoon debut "More!"

Mrs. Hulser[1] is an adult character who has made appearances in the show. She is the mother of Amanda and not much is known about her. Her most notable appearance was in the episode My Fair Tommy where she attended the open-house at the Preschool. Her last name was also revealed in the episode My Fair Tommy when Tommy Tibble gave her a positive comment on her dress, but her first name is unknown at this time.

Physical appearance[]

She is a brown aardvark who wears a yellow dress and orange dress shoes. She also has long brown hair in the form of a ponytail and has an orange purse.




  1. "What a beautiful dress you're wearing, Mrs. Hulser."Tommy Tibble to Mrs. Hulser, "My Fair Tommy"
    For proof of the spelling of the name Hulser, see closed captions.