Mrs. Lundgren
Mrs. Lundgren.png
Gender Female
Animal Moose
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown/Gray
Residence Sweden (formerly)
George's House, Elwood City
Family George Lundgren (son)
Neal Lundgren (husband)
George's sister (daughter)

George's grandmother (mother or mother-in-law)
George's grandfather (father or father-in-law)

Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen's Little Sister"
Voiced by Lynne Adams

Mrs. Lundgren (formerly Mrs. Nordgren) is George's mother and wife of Neal Lundgren.

Physical appearance

Mrs. Lundgren is seen at the Annual Picnic during the fireworks in "Sue Ellen's Little Sister" besides George's sister, who appears to be Mrs. Lundgren, which would make this her first appearance. In this appearance, she looks much different than in her later appearances. In Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto, she is depicted as a moose with a grey-brown complexion. She has antlers and a slim face, and wears a blue turtleneck sweater.

In Fifteen, her hair color is orange instead of grey-brown. In Sue Ellen's Little Sister, her hair was a magenta-mahogany-like color.






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