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Mrs. MacDonald
Mrs. MacDonald
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Hair color Moderate vermilion (s9 - s10)
Brilliant gamboge (s11 - present)
Complexion Light gamboge (s9 - s10)
Apple greenish white (s11 - present)
Residence MacDonald family's house, Elwood City
Family Molly MacDonald (daughter)
James MacDonald (son)
Unknown relative (husband?)
Myles MacDoogal (brother-in-law)
Chester (brother-in-law)
James' second cousin (possibly first cousin)
Prudence (possibly niece)
Myrtle (possibly sister-in-law)
Molly's grandmother (mother or mother-in-law)
Flurgan the Fantastic (ancestor)[1]
Kilgore the Dim (ancestor)[1]
Edna the Easily Amused (ancestor)[1]
Oliver the Walloper (ancestor)[1]
James the Squinty (ancestor)[1]
Cartoon debut "Arthur Makes Waves"

Mrs. MacDonald is the mother of Molly and James.

Physical appearance[]

In her first appearance in "Arthur Makes Waves," she is seen with tan fur and red hair, but in her other appearances she is seen with white fur just like Molly and James and blonde hair.

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