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This article is about Jenna's mother. You may be looking for Ms. Morgan, the preschool teacher.
Mrs. Morgan
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark brown (seasons 4-7; 19-present)
Orange (season 6)
Complexion Gray (season 4, 7)
Pink (season 6)
Residence Morgans' House, Elwood City
Family Mr. Morgan (husband)
Jenna Morgan (daughter)
Jenna's grandfather (father-in-law)
Cartoon debut "Muffy's New Best Friend"
Voiced by Jodie Resther (s19)

Mrs. Morgan is the wife of Mr. Morgan and the mother of Jenna Morgan.


Mrs. Morgan picks up Jenna and Francine in "Muffy's New Best Friend."

She and Mr. Morgan attend Jenna's Athlete of the Year ceremony in "The Good Sport."

In "Elwood City Turns 100!" she sews Fern's green-tailed grebe costume for the school play. She apparently did other costumes too, since Jenna complains about Binky giving her the wrong measurements.

In "Binky Goes Nuts," Jenna says that her mother had told everyone when they found out Jenna was allergic to milk.

She has a way to make Jenna talk by staring at her with a face.[1]

Physical appearance[]

When she first appears in "Muffy's New Best Friend" and again in "Elwood City Turns 100", she is light brown with dark brown hair. In "The Good Sport", however, she is white with orange hair. In that episode she also lacks the human-like nose that she shares with Jenna but not with most other cats.

She is voiced by Jodie Resther who also voices Francine.