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Mrs. Pappas
Unknown Female Adult Rabbit 3
Maria (left) with Mrs. Pappas (right) in "Cents-less"
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brown (season 7)
Blonde (season 12-present)
Residence Maria's house, Elwood City
Family Steve Pappas (son),
Maria Pappas (daughter)
Cartoon debut "Muffy Goes Metropolitan"

Mrs. Pappas is the mother of Steve and Maria.


She and Maria bought pretzels in the Crown City Subway station. "Muffy Goes Metropolitan" They went to the Ice Cream Shop "Big Horns George", the Sugar Bowl "The Perfect Game", and David's Toys "Cents-less".

Physical appearance[]

Maria's mother is a rabbit with a cream complexion who wears green pants, a white shirt, brown shoes, a brown purse, and has a purple sweater wrapped around her neck.

She has similarities to Unknown Female Adult Rabbit (Number 4). She also has similarities to Mrs. Leduc.