Mrs. Pariso
Mrs Pariso
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color White
Cartoon debut Francine Goes to War

Mrs. Pariso is an elderly woman who moved into Unit #4 right next to the Frenskys' unit at Westboro Apartments during her first appearance in "Francine Goes to War". Francine also learned that Mrs. Pariso is lonesome and wants to meet new people.

Then she and Francine go out to ride horses at the Aegean Stables. When she met Francine's friends, Buster says she looks nice for a witch, but Francine angrily tells Buster she's not a witch. However, Mrs. Pariso takes it in stride, and says "Did I tell you about the time I met an old warlock while I was training in Romania?"

She and Francine get a chocolate ice cream in a cone at The Sugar Bowl, and they both high-five each other, being happy to meet each other. When Mrs. Pariso went out for the Olympics in her past years, she was most famous for riding horses; she also played tennis.

She made a cameo appearance in "It Came From Beyond" going into the apartment building.

In the spin-off series Postcards from Buster,[citation needed] her age was revealed to be 75.

She also appeared in the Halloween special "Arthur and the Haunted Tree House" and gave out prunes to trick-or-treaters. She stated that prunes were "nature's candy."

Physical appearance

Mrs. Pariso is an elderly woman who has short white hair and wears oval glasses, a yellow blouse, a white vest with two rows of green diamonds, a pair of blue jeans, and brown shoes.




Postcards from Buster