Mrs. Runyon
VolunteeroftheYear - Mrs. Runyon in polka-dot sweater
Mrs. Runyon at the Crafts Fair
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Gray
Book debut Volunteer of the Year
Mrs. Runyon is an elderly woman who often visits the Senior Center. She appeared in the book Volunteer of the Year.


Mrs. Runyon was planting the flowers Muffy had delivered to the Senior Center when Arthur offered to help her. Three months later, she attended the Fourth of July picnic. Later, she made clothespin reindeer for the Annual Senior Center Crafts Fair. That winter, she played a game of Go Fish with Arthur, Mr. Evans, and Miss Stine. While Muffy took a bubble bath, Arthur played checkers with Mrs. Runyon. She was present at the award ceremony for the Volunteer of the Year.


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