Ms. Albright
Unknown Female Adult Dog 1
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Hair color Dark brown
Residence Elwood City
Job Lifeguard
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"

Ms. Albright[1] is a lifeguard who works at Bear Lake, the beach, the Community Pool, and the Elwood City Public Pool.  She may not have a "full time job" at any of those places, she may just be a community volunteer.

Physical appearance

Ms. Albright is a dog with a brown complexion. She has short dark brown hair with bangs and wears a cream-colored swimsuit with gray accents, a pair of red shorts with yellow accents, beach sandals, and a red lanyard with a silver whistle.

In the episode "Binky vs. Binky", in a flashback to the Swim Meet, she is seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and green-and-white sneakers. This is the only time she's ever seen wearing her regular clothes.


(bold indicates a speaking role)




  1. Her name is seen in the closed captions of "D.W. Swims with the Fishes"; see here

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