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Ms. Flynn
Miss Flynn
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Light brown
Job School nurse
Book debut Arthur's Chicken Pox
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Ms. Flynn[1] (formerly Miss Kroupa[2] or Ms. Kroupa[3]) is the school nurse of Lakewood Elementary School.

She gave all the students eye exams in "Arthur's Eyes". During the head lice war, she inspected all the students, teachers, and faculty for lice. She provides Buster's asthma medicine in "Buster's Breathless." She also took care of Arthur and Francine when they didn't feel well in "Arthur's Chicken Pox" and "Vomitrocious", respectively.

Physical appearance[]

Ms. Flynn is an aardvark who is depicted with a light brown complexion and short dark brown hair and wears a white nurse uniform with a yellow name badge on it. Her appearance is somewhat based upon Arthur's mother Jane, but with straighter and darker hair, and a darker complexion. In the books, her complexion is pale.