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Ms. Morgan has a gallery at the Elwood City Art Museum.
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This article is about the preschool teacher. You may be looking for Jenna's mother, Mrs. Morgan.
Ms. Morgan
Miss Morgan.png
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Moderate tangelo
Complexion Brilliant orange
Job Preschool teacher
Book debut D.W. Flips
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Kathleen Fee (s16)

Ms. Morgan is the preschool teacher for D.W. Read, Emily Leduc, James MacDonald, the Tibble twins, Bud Compson and many other kids around their ages at Elwood Community Preschool. She's in many different episodes that have to do with D.W. or her classmates at preschool. She's also the gymnastics coach for the gym D.W. and her other classmates attend.

Physical appearance

Ms. Morgan is a bear with a rusty brown hair color. Her skin tone is a light tan. She's usually wearing a white sweatshirt, dark blue jeans and white shoes.


  • Despite the same last name, she isn't related to Jenna Morgan's family.