Muffy: (as Paradise Polly) Whoa! Is this where you live, Mod Polly? (as Mod Polly) Yeah! I just had it renovated! Isn't it groovy? (as Paradise Polly) I'll say! (as Mod Polly) Wanna dance? (as Paradise Polly) Sure!

(music plays)

Muffy: (as Paradise Polly) I wish I had a place as nice as this. I sleep in that trailer. (as Mod Polly) Ew! It's so cheap-looking! Cheer up, Paradise Polly. I'm sure Muffy will make you your own house someday. A beautiful little beach house with real sand and a pool.

Muffy's Father: Time to go! I don't want to be late for the art opening.

Muffy: Do I have to go, Daddy? Those things are so boring!

Muffy's Father: Hey, come on, Muffin. A little high culture never hurt anyone. Besides, art can be a great investment.

Muffy: So are diamonds. Can we go to the jewelry store instead?

(her father shakes his head no)

Muffy: (sighing) Don't worry, Paradise Polly. When I come back, I'm making you that beach house!


Binky: (voice-over) Muffy's Art Attack!

(Back to the story)


Muffy meets Prunella at the art exhibition.

Prunella: Have you seen “Machine With Oil”?

Muffy: Is it like salad with oil? I saw that at lunch.


Mr. Crosswire has decided to buy “Machine with Wishbone”.

Mr. Ratburn: Excellent choice, Ed. It brings to mind the tragicomic works of Samuel Beckett: a tiny figure yoked to its burden of absurdity.

Mr. Crosswire: Yeah, and it’s funny.


Mr. Ratburn sees one of Bailey’s sculptures, which looks like a giant worm.

Mr. Ratburn: Hh! I don’t like this one. It’s too sinister.

Bailey: Philistine.     He moves the tray away as Mr. Ratburn tries to take an hors d’oeuvre.

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