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"Muffy's Car Campaign"
Season/Series: 22
Number in season: 4a
Original Airdate: United States May 16, 2019[1]
Canada November 8, 2019[3]
United Kingdom August 2, 2020[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Matt Hoverman
Storyboard by: Helene Cossette
Jeremy O'Neill
"Binky Can't Always Get What He Wants"
"Truth or Poll"
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"Muffy's Car Campaign" is the first half of the fourth episode in the twenty-second season of Arthur.


Muffy worries that a petition to help protect the environment may put Crosswire Motors out of business.


In the cafeteria at school, Binky, Buster, Muffy, Francine, and Arthur notice that some of their favorite vegetables are no longer being served. Mrs. MacGrady explains that she is only serving in-season, locally-grown vegetables because they are better for the environment. She then explains air pollution and climate change, comparing pollution to "a lid trapping the heat [around Earth]."

Muffy's Car Campaign

This inspires Francine to start a group called "Eco Kids" to brainstorm ideas of how to help the environment. The kids plan to start a campaign encouraging parents to turn off their cars while waiting in the school parking lot; they use the slogan "don't make us cough, turn you engine off!" This campaign goes very well, with a sign featuring the slogan being installing outside the school.

Francine suggests that the next campaign should encourage kids to bike to school. The other kids like this idea; Francine adds "maybe one day we could make all of Elwood City totally car-free!" This alarms and worries Muffy, whose father owns Crosswire Motors.

The "Eco Kids" plan to make a petition for the increase of school buses; Muffy is chosen to present the signatures to the principal. However, Muffy interrupts the brainstorm, and says that the group should focus on discouraging air travel instead of cars. This idea is turned down because it doesn't involve the school.

Francine becomes suspicious of Muffy; she watches as Muffy tosses the signatures in the recycling bin instead of bringing them to the principal. Francine reveals this to the rest of the group as Muffy explains that she did it to protect her dad's business. Francine tells her that environmental issues are "bigger than just you and your dad."

Weeping, Muffy explains the problem to her father, who tells her "part of being of being a good businessman is learning to change with the times." He tells her that Crosswire Motors will begin selling the Mallard, a new electric car, which is better for air quality.

When she returns to school, Muffy reveals that her dad has asked the Mallard company to buy the school several electric school buses. The kids, Mrs. MacGrady, and Mr. Crosswire all take a ride in one of the new buses as the episode finishes.







Episode connections


  • Mr. Morris is seen as the custodian, yet Ladonna is at Lakewood and Ms. Tingley is the acting principal. While Arthur episodes are not shown chronologically, it was established that Mr. Morrison's retirement ("April 9th") came before the Compsons' arrival ("Based on a True Story"), while Ms. Tingley's promotion ("The Hallway Minotaur") came even later.

Production notes

  • D.W. can be heard saying "woah" when the Mallard buses arrive at the end of the episode. This line is delivered by her old voice actor, Michael Caloz, from Seasons 1 through 3, instead of her current voice actor, Ethan Pugiotto.

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