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"Muffy's Soccer Shocker"
Season/Series: 6
Number in season: 4A
Original Airdate: United States October 15, 2001[1]
Canada January 10, 2002[2]
Written by: Matt Steinglass
Storyboard by: Lyndon Ruddy
Patricia Atchison
"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies"
"Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?"
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"Muffy's Soccer Shocker" is the first half of the fourth episode in the sixth season of Arthur.


Muffy is proud that her father is the new coach of the soccer team—until he starts exhausting everyone on the squad with drills like the Piston, the Muffler, and, worst of all, the Shock Absorber.


The episode opens with Arthur saying how soccer practice hasn't been the same ever since Mr. Crosswire took over as coach. He has been shouting out pump-up phrases during the drills that no one really seems motivated about. After a while, Arthur is up next in the drill and gets struck in the face with a soccer ball.

Muffy's Soccer Shocker

The kids reflect about last year's coach, Trevor, who was a young man that cared more about having fun and great efforts rather than the actual game of soccer itself, which didn't impress everyone because they lost every game that season. Meanwhile, at the Crosswire Motors dealership, Mr. Crosswire meets with the parents to inform them that Trevor quit coaching, much to Mr. Read's delight because he thinks that the team will hopefully win a game this year. Instead, he will be the coach and demonstrates how powerful the team will be by using motors as an example. The parents willingly accept the offer.

Everyone seems nervous about Mr. Crosswire being the new coach, but Muffy seems very confident, thinking that there will be no way that he will embarrass her. The practice begins with Mr. Crosswire leading the kids in a cheer, which doesn't seem to motivate everyone. Brain wonders what the cheer is supposed to mean, but Mr. Crosswire tells him that the team is meant to be unstoppable. The drills then begin, but Muffy misses the ball when passing it to Buster. Then, she struggles with the other drills, feeling worn out.

In the end, the first practice turns out to be not too good for the kids, and Arthur thinks that Mr. Crosswire treats everyone like cars. Buster agrees and wishes that he could be an "air bag". Brain also feels sorry for Muffy, considering the fact that she had to do the drill twice. The comment irritates her, and she believes that her father can make this team a winning team. Mr. Crosswire praises everyone for their efforts, including Muffy. Because of her "strong" efforts, Muffy is chosen as the team goalie, which surprises her. Then, Mr. Crosswire tells everyone to sprint to a tree, which makes them even more fatigued.

The next day, Muffy claims to her father that she has a fever. He takes her to the doctor, who says that Muffy doesn't have any signs of an illness. She is, however, overdue for her measles booster. At the next practice, Muffy's arms still hurt, which causes her to miss shots. She has difficulty positioning herself and stopping shots, which upsets her. Mr. Crosswire tells her that goalies are meant to stop shots when the balls come directly to the goalie, not to dodge away from them. At school, matters get worse for Muffy, considering how tired and weak she feels. Arthur believes that Muffy isn't fit to be a goalie, but each time she communicates with her father, there is always a new drill to do. Buster, on the other hand, feels motivated after learning the team cheer. Francine is worried about the first game of the season and feels they would have been better off if Trevor had stayed. Muffy finally accepts going in as goalie for the first game and manages to eat her lunch.

Back at the Crosswire residence, Mr. Crosswire is watching an old video of when he played soccer at Muffy's age while getting ideas for the game. Muffy wishes to talk to him and she sits on the couch with him. In the video of the game Mr. Crosswire played, his team got drubbed 12–0. Back then, he wasn't much of a soccer player. Muffy once again considers not being the goaltender because she's afraid of losing. Mr. Crosswire believes that she did much better today, considering she stopped two shots. As a result, Muffy is appointed as substitute goaltender, and she feels much better.

The next day, Lakewood squares off against Mighty Mountain. Buster, worried, thinks that they are history. Arthur believes that they will be ancient history while the Brain thinks prehistory. Mr. Crosswire asks who's ready to play, but the kids say the cheer in a tired and unconfident way. Then, the game is underway. Buster is afraid about Mr. Crosswire quitting if the team loses. Buster uses his "muffler" to pass the ball to Francine, but he gets knocked down. Francine gets the ball while Muffy cheers and coaches with a megaphone. Then, Francine scores a goal to make it 1-0 for Lakewood.

Arthur believes that they are losing, but Buster corrects him by saying that they are in the lead 3–2. Arthur loses track of the ball and Mighty Mountain goes for a shot. Brain stops the shot, but he gets injured on the play, spraining his ankle. It is up to Muffy now to be the goaltender. She seems very nervous as play continues. She attempts to stop a Mighty Mountain shot, but it trickles into the net, tying the game for Mighty Mountain at 3-3. With ten seconds to go, Mighty Mountain attempts to get the ball on goal, but Muffy stops the shot, ending the game in a 3–3 tie. Muffy believes that she got scored on, but Mr. Crosswire tells her that she stopped the shot and is very proud of her. Then, the team celebrates as Mrs. Crosswire takes her video. Finally, we see a future scene of when Muffy is a grown up and has kids and a soccer team of her own, showing them that moment of when she saved the game. Then, she teaches everyone the cheer that her father taught her, which tires them out as well.







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