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Muffy's Soccer Song is a song from the album Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix. It is based on the story "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" from the TV show, in which Muffy's father, Ed Crosswire, becomes coach of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team. The album's liner notes describe the song's musical style as "World," though Muffy seems to sing the song with U.S. southern accent.



My Daddy was made
Head coach of our team
He wanted to run it
Just like a machine
Oh, we were broken down
In need of repair
Then he came up with drills
To get us in gear

The Shock Absorber, Muffler and a Piston, he said
Could win us a game
Oh, but my feet are like lead
Oh, those drills really hurt
And now everyone's beat
They'll all blame it on Daddy if this ends in defeat

But if we work really hard
Things could turn out right
And my Dad might let up
My legs won't ache all night
Cause it's not if you win
But how you play, it's true
You've got to give all you've got
That's inside of you

Mr. Crosswire

Nice try, kiddo!
A little to the left!
Almost, sweetpea!


Oh, no!

Mr. Crosswire

What happened? You looked like you had that one.


But it was coming right at me!

Mr. Crosswire

That's the point, precious. The ball comes at you and you stop it. You'll get the hang of it! Okay, team, another round of penalty kicks! And let's put some Piston in it this time!


Mighty Mountain was up
We were doin' okay
Then I got put in goal
Oh, what a terrible day
Oh, I let past a goal
I thought I would die
But I stopped another
And they called it a tie


You see we worked really hard
Things all came out right
We could show our faces in the brights of light
Cause its not if you win
But how you play, it's true
You've got to give all you've got
Deep down inside of you
My Daddy was proud
And so was I
You know this feeling, you just can't buy

Mr. Crosswire

Oh, Muffy, I'm so proud of you! (sound of car horn honking)

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