Muffy Crosswire's 4 Open Hearts Tough Customers
Poster for the band
Artist Binky, Slink, Rattles
Runtime 0:32
Played in "The Last Tough Customer"
"Muffy Crosswire's 4 Open Hearts Tough Customers" is a song performed by the Tough Customers in "The Last Tough Customer" to tell everyone they are no longer bullies, except for Molly.


Binky: Oh, darlin'
We're no longer tough and mean
We changed our image
Into a pre-teen's dream
We gave up our teasing
And took up some pleasing
And now we're what you see.
Slink: Four open hearts
Rattles: Singing for love
All: In a band called M-C-T-C!
Binky: Yeah.

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