"Muffy Gets Mature"

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Season/Series: 5
Number in season: 10b
Original Airdate: United States November 27, 2000[1][2]
Canada January 12, 2001[3]
Written by: Michel Lamoreaux
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
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"Muffy Gets Mature" is the second half of the tenth episode in the fifth season of Arthur.


Muffy starts reading Mature Miss magazine and looks for more sophisticated friends. But is she in over her head?[4]


During lunchtime, Muffy is sitting with Francine in the school cafeteria. She tells Francine about her Mature Miss magazines and the fact that the models are eating salads, and says that Francine is embarrassing her for eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carrying a childish lunchbox.

Later, Muffy is at a sleepover with Francine and sees that Francine's pajamas are footsie pajamas and called different and old in her opinion since Mature Miss proclamined that it’s mature to wear pajamas without feet in them. However, Francine gets offended by the remark and telling Muffy that if she doesn’t want hang out with her, then she should find mature friends. Muffy then calls for her limousine to take her home and while she’s waiting, she overhears Catherine and strikes up a conversation with her about going shopping together. Catherine is skeptical about hanging out with Muffy because she’s a third grader but Muffy tells her that she’s very mature for her age. Muffy tells Catherine that she should go vintage for her friend’s party. Eventually Catherine agrees and tells Muffy to meet her at ten o’ clock the next day to go shopping.

The next day, Muffy hangs out with Catherine. Muffy chooses an outfit and Catherine admits that she actually likes it. Then, Muffy convinces Catherine to get a pedicure and she‘s impressed with how small her feet look. Then, Muffy treats her to lunch. Arthur and Francine bump into Muffy while they’re on their way to the roller rink and are surprised to find out that Muffy hanging out with Catherine. Francine mentioned that Catherine wouldn’t want to hang out with Muffy because she’s a third grader and she’s in high school but Muffy doesn’t listen to Francine. Then, Muffy persuades Catherine to give her a ride saying that she can go to the party since she’s mature and have the magazines to guide her.

At the party, Muffy tells Catherine's friends that she’s very mature and they ask her to join them. She accepts, but they talk about teenage topics like kissing and poetry of song lyrics, which Muffy doesn’t understand. Then they play music to which Muffy starts to dance, since she read an article in Mature Miss about these mature dance moves, but stops when they mention that they don’t dance to music, they just listen to it. Then Angi offers Muffy some coffee, but Muffy mentions that in Mature Miss, it says that coffee stunts growth spurts but Angi proclaims that Muffy shouldn’t listen to everything in those teen magazines because they’re just opinions. Angi and two of the other friends go to the kitchen for coffee and say how funny Muffy is, which leaves Muffy depressed and humiliated, but Catherine comforts her saying that she’s cool for her age, but not ready to be around high schoolers yet. Muffy agreed realizing that she isn’t ready to hang out with teenagers yet. Muffy calls her limo and throws the magazine into a wastebasket.

Then, at lunch, Francine surprised that Muffy is eating a sandwich out of a kiddie lunchbox. Then after school, Muffy invites Francine to a slumber party, which at first Francine rejects due to not having “the right pajamas”, but Muffy proclaims that Francine can wear whatever she wants at the party. When Francine questions Muffy’s generosity, Muffy admits that she isn’t as mature as she thought she was, and isn’t ready to hang out with teenagers yet. Francine accepts her apology and slumber party invitation, and even admits that she even thinks about being a teenager sometimes. Muffy asks Francine about getting rid of the footsie pajamas and Francine tells Muffy not to go that far. Muffy is just kidding, and the girls bond with each other and are best friends again.







  • This is the last episode where Michael Yarmush voices Arthur after voicing him for 5 seasons. He would return to the series in season 9 to voice Slink.
  • This is the last episode to use the original color palettes.
  • It’s revealed that Catherine’s feet are a size 11.




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