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Cell Phone


Muffy Crosswire

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The Play's the Thing

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The mySmartPhoney is a popular smartphone that is owned by Muffy Crosswire. Its first appearance in the series was in "The Play's the Thing," and it makes cameos in later Season 15 episodes. It is a parody of a BlackBerry phone, but the name is a reference to smartphones.


The mySmartPhoney is similar in appearance to a calculator. Its front is yelIow with polka-dots that are purple, pink, green, and red on the bottom and top part of the phone. It has 27 buttons on the front, with 9 in each row. It has an LCD screen that seems like it is about 2.5 inches wide, and about 0.5 inches tall. It also has a button on the bottom that looks similar to the iPhone's home button. The back of the phone is almost black, except for the yellow banana logo on it. The keyboard is similar to a BlackBerry's keyboard.


"But I have more features to show you!"
Muffy Crosswire, The Play's the Thing

Not much is known about the features of the phone, but Muffy introduces its new smell-detecting feature to her friends and classmates. You put the phone up to something, such as food, and it describes to you what it is. It must be fairly accurate, because Muffy used the feature on Buster and it said he smelled like "pickles and sweat".

It also has a feature that tells you what you should eat today.


Pros (short for 'programs') are a parody of Apps (short for 'applications'). One example of a pro are classic games, like Solitaire.


The mySmartPhoney was first seen in The Play's the Thing and again in other episodes. In "What's in a Name?", it was taken away because not only had Mr. Ratburn told Muffy four times to not bring it to school, but she was also disrespectfully talking on the phone loudly when Binky was making a speech.