When you join a team or club, there are rules you have to obey. After giving a few examples for rules, Arthur cycles down the street.

Arthur: So, you see how important rules can be...         The Tibble twins have created a roadblock.

Timmy: To pass this house, you have to pay a dollar and hop on one foot!

Arthur:... sometimes!

Binky: (V.O.) My Club Rules


Arthur: Here are our possible floats. Buster's Festival of Food idea.

Buster: We all ride a giant revolving pizza dressed as the major food groups: mushrooms, pepperoni and anchovies!

Francine: Anchovies?? Yuck! Next!


Nigel Ratburn: Mr. Hemy has an annoucement he like to make about the Elwood City's strawberry festival parade. Francine Frensky: Oh, No Binky: Don't you like it.

Francine Frensky: Not that, that! It's Arthur's dawunky little sister again.

Muffy Crosswire: Uck! She folllows him everywhere!

Francine: What if this was a parade float club and only members can come in.

Arthur: We can try, But she probalby won't fall for it.

Arthur: This is the meeting of the parade float club. Members only.

Muffy Crosswire: That's that. You know, We could use some real rules for this club.

FRANCINE: Yeah. Like Buster can't eat all the snacks. (Buster chokes a little)

MUFFY: And we need to collect some dues to fix up this place.

FRANCINE: Dues? Like money?

ARTHUR: "Fix up"? What's wrong with it? I like it the way it is.

MUFFY: Ew, filth! We need new linoleum. A dollar a week should do it.

FRANCINE: A dollar a week each?!

BUSTER: Hey, I'm not made of money, you know. I'm made of fur!

FRANCINE: I don't see why not.

BINKY: I wouldn't give you two cents if you paid me!

MUFFY: If you don't want to pay, you're not in the club.

FRANCINE: But Muffy, I only get 50 cents a week allowance!

MUFFY: I'll pay for you, Francine. But nobody else!

ARTHUR: We can't charge a dollar! This tree house has always been free!

MUFFY: Fine. We don't need this shack! We'll have our own clubhouse with computer games and everything!

FRANCINE: It's only for people who can afford it.

BUSTER: Imagine paying a dollar a week to use this crummy old place.

ARTHUR: If you think it's so crummy, you can go, too!

BUSTER: You want me to go? Okay! They'll have computer games.

Arthur: Oh, I thought you were Francine. What are you doing up here? D.W.: I thought your friends will be up here. Where is everyone? Arthur: I don't know. (sighs)

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