"My Club Rules"


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Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 29A
Original Airdate: United States November 14, 1996[1]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club"
"Stolen Bike"
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"My Club Rules" is the first half of the twenty-ninth episode in the first season of Arthur.


The kids can't agree on the rules for Arthur's new club, and suddenly they're all starting their own clubs.


The episode starts by Arthur saying that whatever team or club you join there got to be rules. Then he wonder what will happen if there was no rules while playing soccer. Then at a library with one book he says that if you want to join a library you must agree to return the books back to the library on time or its no library.At the swimming club explains to join the club you have to know how to swim. Binky then says that it's a waste of time so he jumps to the pool and starts drowning and crying. Then Arthur is riding his bike until he stops at the Tibble house because the Tibble twins and a tree are blocking his path. They tell him that he has to pay $1 and hop on one foot. Arthur then says that maybe not always. 

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Mr Ratburn and Mr Haney tell the class about the Strawberry parade and have three weeks to complete their costumes and float. Mr Ratburn tell them that he will wear a Strawberry shortcake with real strawberries and Mr Haney says he will be the king of a desert island. Francine tells Arthur to start working on it and he said he already invited everyone to the treehouse. At the treehouse they all talk of their ideas and they all seemed to agree to use the Brain idea about wearing their baseball uniform. Then DW comes to the treehouse and wants to be on the parade. Arthur says only members are allowed. DW asks how to be a member and Francine passes Arthur a note which says you have to kick a ball out of the yard. At the yard Muffy and Francine give her a bowling ball. But she complains that she might break her leg. Francine passes Arthur a note which says to draw a funny picture of Mr Ratburn. Arthur cancelled the kicking part. At the living room DW draws a picture of Mr Ratburn but Francine thinks its not funny. But then Buster starts to laughing. Arthur and the Brain tell DW that you have to be a 3rd grader and be smart. At the treehouse they think of rules like Buster not eating all of the snacks,money to repair the treehouse but Arthur thinks its okay how the treehouse looks like but Muffy says to pay $1 a week which shocks the Brain and everyone complains but then Muffy says if no one pays you don't have to be on the club. Francine says she gets 50¢ a week. Muffy says to pay only for her but Arthur then says its always been free but Muffy says she's making a new club with Francine. Buster says why pay for a crumy old place which makes Arthur asks him to leave so he leaves for Muffy. At Muffy a small house at her backyard which she says its the new club. Then she officially opens the Muffy house. Inside the Muffy house there were TV,refrigerator, basketball net,and bookshelfs. Muffy says $1 for her and Francine and $2 for Buster. When asking why she says because "he eats like a pig" which he thinks its not fair then he quits the club. Buster then tries to go back to the treehouse but Sue Ellen tell him he can't because he was "a dirty traitor". At his condo Buster opens The reading comic book under the blanket club. At school the friends are playing soccer but despite being in the same team the clubs they made makes them lose the game. It also effects eating together at lunch. At the treehouse the Brain is bored because a rule is to read comic books all the time which causes him to quit  along with Binky which leaves Arthur alone. At Muffy Muffy makes Francine to resign because she failed to show up yesterday. Francine said that she was sick but Muffy threatened Francine by calling the cops if she does not leaves her property. At Buster's a brown Sue Ellen complains that no air is coming but Buster says its the reading comic book under the blanket so she quits. At the Brain's he talks about a germ but Binky is much more focusing scratching his ear. Brain tells him is he having fun he says no. Angrily he yells its the fun club and its suppose to be fun. At school Arthur invites Francine to come to the sugar bowl but she has a club meeting. He tries with Sue Ellen but she has a walking and reading club meeting. At the other clubs everyone seems to be bored. Arthur throws a baseball at the tree that has the treehouse and when he comes to get it he here's some humming from the treehouse and goes up only to see DW reading his comic books. Asking why is she is here she said that she was waiting for his friend and where are they he says that he does not know. Buster,Muffy,and everyone that used to be part of the old club and start playing cards. When Brain ask what are the rules DW said that her idea for the float for the parade is the only rule. At the parade Mr Haney tree is nearly falling,Mr Ratburn float is getting eating by birds while DW's is ancient Egypt queen sitting on a big chair with Arthur,Buster, Muffy, and Francine holding it. Francine then wonders why Arthur excluded her in the first place.


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  • This is one of the only times that a character references that they are all animals, when Buster says "I'm only made of fur!".

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