Mission Control 301a
A mission control center
Location United States
Type Science agency
Staff Arthur Read (fantasy)
Buster Baxter (fantasy)
Captain (fantasy)
First mate (fantasy)
Science officer (fantasy)
Mike Fincke

NASA is an organization that studies science in space.

Arthur imagined training for 20 years to fly to Jupiter on a space shuttle, but D.W. wasn't with him, so the mission was cancelled. "D.W., the Picky Eater"

In Arthur's imagination, Buster was an astronaut who was sent on the Explorer 17 space shuttle to Jupiter. He went through some cosmic rays on his way back to Earth. "Buster's Back"

Arthur imagined going on the Titan XII, the first manned mission to Mars. "Arthur's Number Nightmare"

Mike Fincke worked as an astronaut on the International Space Station. "Buster Spaces Out"



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