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Nadine Flumberghast
Bleep Nadine.png
Age 4 (appearance)
1 (chronological)[1]
Gender Female
Animal Squirrel (possibly a puppy)[2] (Imaginary Friend)
Eye color Blue[3]
Hair color Pale, light grayish olive
Complexion Brilliant amber
Favorite color Teal blue[4]
Residence Nadine's house, Fanta-city
Family D.W. Read (imaginer)
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend"
Voiced by Hayley Reynolds

Nadine Flumberghast[5] is the imaginary friend of D.W. Read. She was introduced in "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend" in the series, although she appeared in "D.W.'s Baby," which is a prequel to that episode. Her full name is given in "Read and Flumberghast."

Physical appearance

Nadine's appearance in the early seasons

Nadine's exact species has never been confirmed (however, in a question-and-answer session with Marc Brown, he indicated he thinks Nadine is a puppy.) She wears a blue long-sleeved dress and has light blonde hair divided into three pigtails. Unlike most of the characters, Nadine has a tail. Judging by her size, she is probably about the same age as D.W.

An older Nadine

In "D.W.'s Time Trouble," an older version of Nadine appears in a fantasy in which D.W. imagines that she was her parents' first child rather than Arthur.


It was revealed in "Read and Flumberghast" that, because Nadine is imaginary, she has special powers. She created ten copies of papers by just widening her eyeballs, and made two drinks for herself and D.W. with a snap of her fingers. This is the first time this has been recognized. Also, in "Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight," she is able to control time by rewinding, pausing, and unpausing the episode, as well as being one of the few characters to break the fourth wall outside of the intro to an episode. Her time-rewinding ability is shown again in "All Will Be Revealed!"


In contrast to D.W., Nadine is calm and soft-spoken. She often gives D.W. advice, though she rarely takes it, and she often only appears when D.W. is alone or when she thinks nobody is watching her. She can be shy at points but is quite kind. She is quite practical and cautious, unlike D.W., and can find simple and easy solutions to problems D.W. has. She always answers in a kind manner though, trying to not hurt D.W.'s feelings.

However, "All Will Be Revealed!" indicates she also has a dishonest side, as although she had good intentions for taking D.W.'s snowball, she kept her involvement in its disappearance a secret from her creator for a long time, even though the snowball's absence was causing Arthur and D.W. to fight. However, she returned the snowball at the end of the episode and promised to confess to D.W. what she had done.


  • Her name could be based on the Spanish word nadie, which means "nobody" or "no one", referencing the fact that she is imaginary.
  • She and D.W. are, for the most part, polar opposites--but they get along really well despite that.
  • D.W. invented her when she was three.[6]
  • She is featured in the song "Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Friend?" on the album Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix, in which D.W. claims that she's lost her and asks a group of kids to help find her, even though nobody but her can see her.
  • Nadine states that she thinks that D.W. is getting too old for her, but D.W. continues to call upon Nadine.
  • Nadine has appeared in every single season except for Season 9, 17, 19, 22 and 23. Her last appearance in the TV series was in "All Will Be Revealed!"
  • In "All Will Be Revealed!" it is revealed that she took D.W.'s snowball to prevent an alien troll from stealing it and didn't put it back fearing Arthur would eventually take it.




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