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"Night Fright"
Season/Series: 2
Number in season: 7B
Original Airdate: United States October 28, 1997[1]
Canada December 2, 1997[2]
Germany February 1, 2002[3]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Arthur's TV-Free Week"
"Arthur vs. the Piano"
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"Night Fright" is the second half of the seventh episode in the second season of Arthur.


Arthur spends the night at Binky's and discovers a deep dark secret about the town bully: He can't sleep without a night light.


We first see Arthur’s house on a stormy night. Then we see Arthur’s bedroom where he and Pal are sleeping. However, it turns out that Arthur isn’t getting much sleep because of Pal’s snoring, which wakes up the monsters under his bed and in the closet. The monster under the bed gets annoyed and Arthur tells Pal to be quiet and stop snoring, but Pal doesn’t listen.

Arthur asks the viewers if they ever had one of those nights where they couldn’t get to sleep because of the monsters under their bed and in their closet. The monsters then start throwing Arthur’s things around, making Arthur sigh in annoyance.

Night Fright

We now see Binky happily standing on top of a mountain full of burgers. He says “The hills are alive with the smell of burgers... and they’re all mine! Yeah.”

He then picks up a cheeseburger and is about to eat him, but the cheeseburger screams for his Mom. The ground then shakes and the Mama Burger comes out, telling Binky to put him down. The cheeseburger then says, “Now you’re gonna get it!”. Binky gets so scared that he runs away, not realizing that he has stepped on the burgers. The Mama Burger then chases Binky throughout the town, but there is no escape, because the food and condiments have caught him. The Ketchup and Mustard squirt Binky and he runs away. He ends up surrounded by French Fries. Just as the Mama Burger is about to catch him, he pleads his innocence, saying that he didn't eat the burgers. He then runs off to the edge, flying. The cliff then causes Binky Barnes to fall, and he gets frightened. He then wakes up, realizing that it was only a nightmare.

Binky's parents come into his bedroom to check on him. His father says that Binky was yelling in his sleep. Binky says that it was the worst nightmare he ever had, and he didn't get a chance to eat the burgers. The reason why Binky had the nightmare is because he forgot to plug in his night light. Then, Binky goes back to sleep, but calls for his parents. He asks them to never tell the others that he sleeps with a night light. Binky's dad assures him that they won't say a word and tells him to go back to sleep.

The next morning, Sue Ellen tells a scary story to Arthur, George, Francine, Buster, and Prunella. Binky then walks over and asks what Sue Ellen's talking about. Francine says it was all about the first Scare-Your-Pants-Off video, The Lunchbox of Notre Dame. Arthur thinks it's super scary, but then Buster screams. Buster didn't scream because of the story, but because he wrecked his homework. Arthur then laughs and claims that bringing wrecked homework to Mr. Ratburn is super scary. Binky taunts the others, saying how scared they are. Mr. Ratburn, overhearing the conversation, thinks about what he should discuss with the class.

His thoughts are put into action as he and the class discuss what scares people. Muffy thinks the roller coaster at Wonderworld scares her. Arthur thinks ventriloquist dummies scare him. Buster thinks a spoon scares him when it's stuck in pudding. It reminds him of when he heard Sue Ellen's story about The Lunchbox of Notre Dame. Binky's only fear is that he might get so strong the school will collapse when he slams the door. Other than that, nothing scares Binky.

Later that day, a heavy thunderstorm comes in. Buster and Francine go home in their parents’ cars. Arthur's parents haven't come yet and Binky thinks that his parents forgot all about him. Arthur doesn't think so because they are coming from his Aunt Lucy's house. Binky says if they don't come, Arthur will be in the school all alone; Arthur doesn't think that will happen, but Binky does. Binky's parents then arrive and then Arthur's luck just went worse. But Binky's mom rolls down her window and says that Arthur's family has to stay over at Aunt Lucy's because they had car trouble. Therefore, Arthur is spending the night at Binky's and that he can share his room. Binky then gets flabbergasted after hearing the news.

Later in the evening, at Binky's house, the storm carries on. Binky's dad dresses up Arthur in Binky's pajamas, even though they don't fit him, "but they'll do". After brushing his teeth, Binky is all set for bed. But after his mom tells him that Arthur's already in his room, Binky gets surprised. He then nervously jumps into his bed, while grabbing his night light and hiding it behind his back. Arthur asks what Binky is holding. Binky shows Arthur the hand that isn't holding the night light, saying there's nothing in his hand, but Arthur asks about Binky's other hand. Binky explains that the night light is his reading lamp. Binky shows Arthur how he uses the light to read by leaning out of the bed, and Arthur thinks it looks uncomfortable. Binky says he doesn't read much, and gets ready to go to sleep. Arthur reminds Binky that he left the light in the room on. Binky gets up and turns off the light, then gets back into bed. Arthur says the storm is scary, but Binky tells him to go to sleep.

Once again, Binky has a nightmare. He is downsized and stuck in his own night light, screaming in terror and shouting at anyone to let him out. Arthur asks his friends if they are ready to see Binky's little night light in a childish manner and they laugh at Binky for having a night light. Binky then wakes up screaming. Again, he forgot to plug in his night light! Binky's mom comes in and plugs it back in. Then he finally explains the truth to Arthur, and he tiredly understands. Binky tells him to go to sleep again. The next morning, Binky's dad drives Arthur home. While he watches Arthur leave, Binky thinks about what his friends will think of him when Arthur tells everyone that he sleeps with a night light.

At school, Binky jumps out of the bushes, and warns Arthur that he must not tell anyone that he sleeps with a night light. But then, he is interrupted by Buster and Francine's conversation. Binky gives up and says that he'll do anything Arthur wants. He carries his books and sharpens his pencil during class. Binky's being nice because he doesn't want anyone to know that he has a night light.

At lunch, Binky carries Arthur to the table and sets him up. Back in class, Mr. Ratburn and the class continue their discussion on what scares us. He asks the students what they do to make themselves feel less afraid. Again, Binky imagines Arthur telling the rest of the students his secret, taunting, “Binky has a night light!” and Mr. Ratburn even laughs along with the students too. Binky nervously watches Sue Ellen talk about cemeteries scaring her. She whistles to help her feel less afraid of the cemeteries. Brain uses a laser beam to shoot up to the moon, and that makes him feel better. Francine talks to her old stuffed lobster, Bob. Arthur's up next, and nervously looks around the room. Binky gets nervous too. He worries that if Arthur tells everyone his secret, he will get laughed at. On the other hand, he doesn't want to forever be Arthur's "slave". He calls out and tells the whole truth about his night light. Luckily, everyone is not laughing, and Mr. Ratburn thinks it's a common and normal thing to do to feel less afraid. Binky thinks it's normal too.

At the end of the day, Binky tries to apologize, but Arthur says it's okay. But Binky thinks it's not, because he paid for Arthur's lunch and Arthur now has to pay him back and make up for all the things Binky did for him.

Later that night, Binky has his own dream where he is a giant, stomping all over the city in the middle of the night. He laughs in his dream and sleeps well.







Cultural references

  • In Binky's dream, he says "The hills are alive with the smell of burgers." This is a reference to the first scene from the 1965 movie The Sound of Music where the main character Maria (Julie Andrews) sings "The Sound of Music".
  • The Lunchbox of Notre Dame is a reference to the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo.

Episode connections

  • This is the first episode where Binky threatens someone not to tell a secret about something "babyish." The second is "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."
  • The title of this episode is similar to "Fright Night."


  • Luke is briefly seen in Mr. Ratburn's classroom.
  • In Binky's fantasy sequence when the whole class makes fun of him, Fern has aardvark nostrils instead of her usual dog nose.
  • When Binky runs away from the fries and screams, his lips never move.
  • When lightning flashes outside the school, Binky and Arthur's silhouettes do not match up to the size, shape, or location of where they should be.

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