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"Night of the Tibble"
Season/Series: 16
Number in season: 5a
Original Airdate: United States October 19, 2012[1]
United Kingdom April 11, 2013 [2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Allan Jeffery
"Baby Steps"
"Read and Flumberghast"
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"Night of the Tibble" is the first half of the fifth episode in the sixteenth season of Arthur.


The Tibble Twins have a sleepover and James is the target of their shenanigans. Can he survive the Tibbles' horrifying reign of horror hijinks?[1]


D.W. and the other preschoolers are playing outside. Suddenly, a storm comes in, and everyone starts to head back inside the preschool. D.W. says to the viewers, "Everyone knows what it means when the wind changes direction. It's when THEY come, looking for a new victim." D.W. is referring to Timmy and Tommy Tibble, who proceed to ask James if he wants to come to their sleepover after everyone else runs back inside the preschool. James is unsure, and says, "Uhh...".

Night of the Tibble

After the title card, Arthur and Buster drop off D.W. at James' house and are seen walking down the street. Inside his bedroom, James is fretting about having a sleepover at the Tibbles'. Emily, who is also visiting, states that no one has ever gone to a sleepover at the Tibbles' house before, and wonders what it would be like. This causes James to have a fantasy about what he thinks a sleepover at the Tibbles' house would be like. In his fantasy, he imagines Timmy and Tommy letting him sleep in their basement on a bed of nails, giving him pond scum to drink and mud pies for snacks, and Timmy inventing a dangerous-looking new toy called the "Flatter-fling." When James comes back to reality, he is scared of going to the sleepover. He asks D.W. and Emily to help him get out of it.

The next day at preschool, the Tibbles are burying toys in the sandbox outside. James is going to tell them that he doesn't want to go to the sleepover, but he can't bring himself to lie about it. When Timmy and Tommy see James talking to himself (actually his conscience), they ask James who he is talking to, to which James responds, "Uhh...".

Later, in D.W.'s room at the Reads' house, D.W. is talking to James about coming up with a better response than "Uhh..." when the Tibbles ask him a question. James explains to D.W. that he tried to lie but couldn't. Arthur then says to D.W. that the Tibbles have come over, which shocks James. He decides to hide in D.W.'s closet while the Tibbles are in D.W.'s room. After the Tibbles leave, James asks D.W. if he can stay in her room for the rest of his life.

The next day at preschool, James tells Timmy and Tommy that he doesn't want to go to their sleepover. This makes the Tibbles very sad, because they say that no one ever wants to have a sleepover with them. Timmy and Tommy start blaming each other for it and start wrestling with each other until James says that they can work it out. When they head back inside the preschool, D.W. and Emily ask James how the conversation went, and James says, "Not so well," and excuses himself for a drink of water because his throat is dry. D.W. and Emily look at each other nervously.

The next day, James is unusually quiet at preschool, which concerns D.W. and Emily. They ask James if he wants to go to the zoo that Saturday, but he says maybe, if he is around. They ask what he means, and their question is answered when Grandma Tibble, Timmy, and Tommy come over to pick James up for the sleepover.

The next Monday at preschool, D.W. and Emily are surprised that they hadn't seen or heard from James that weekend. When Ms. Morgan says that James won't be at preschool that day, D.W. and Emily fear that James didn't survive the Tibbles' sleepover and died and decide to give flowers to his mom after preschool. D.W. and Emily are surprised to find that James is alive when he answers the door. They ask him how he survived, and James tells them that it wasn't that bad after all, except that he got a stomachache from having too many of Grandma Tibble's treats, which is why he couldn't go to preschool earlier. He then takes the flowers that D.W. and Emily are holding and sniffs them.

Afterwards, the same opening scene from the intro plays out, but this time, everyone wants to be invited to the Tibbles' sleepover. The episode then finishes.






  • Arthur makes a cameo appearance in this episode, walking with Buster past James' house. He is also later heard from downstairs, yelling to D.W. that Timmy and Tommy Tibble are over.
  • When Timmy sees James in the closet of D.W.'s bedroom while wearing his glasses, he mistakes him for a stuffed rabbit because of his blurred vision. This is one of the few times in Arthur when an anthropomorphic animal character's species is referenced.

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D.W. wearing light pink leggings with white socks.
  • When D.W. and Emily run inside the preschool in the cold open, D.W. is wearing light pink leggings with white socks instead of light pink pantyhose.
James' shirt colored white.
  • When James is hiding in the closet while the Tibbles are in D.W.'s bedroom, James' green shirt temporarily turns white in one scene.
Worm pie on the Tibbles' dining room table in James' flashback of the sleepover.
  • When The Tibbles welcome James to their sleepover in his flashback, worm pie can be seen on their dining room table for a second, even though it was only imagined by James. It has disappeared the next time the table is shown.


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