"On This Spot"

On This Spot

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Season/Series: 12
Number in season: 5b
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States November 3, 2008[1]
Flag of Canada February 9, 2009
Flag of the United Kingdom April 16, 2009[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Daniel Decelles
"The Chronicles of Buster"
"The Cherry Tree"
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"On This Spot" is the second half of the fifth episode in the twelfth season of Arthur.


Arthur wants people to commemorate Sitting Bull, although his friends care more about a teen actor.


In the introduction Arthur shows things that may have happened or might happen where he (or the viewer) is standing: dinosaurs, cave people and a futuristic city.

On this Spot

Mr. Ratburn teaches the class about Sitting Bull who supposedly stopped in Elwood City with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Arthur is fascinated, though Buster and Francine are more interested in discussing cafeteria food.

Arthur researches Sitting Bull on the internet and shows his friends a tree where he believes the Wild West Show stopped. His friends are more interested in actor Derek Montaigne who, according to Buster’s mailman, sat on a bench outside the Sugar Bowl. After they have run off, Arthur has a vision of Sitting Bull, who tells him he would like a plague beside the tree.

Arthur talks to Mr. Ratburn who takes him to local historian Seymour Turkel. Mr. Turkel informs Arthur that he needs 1000 signatures to make the tree a landmark. He gives Arthur the first signature.

Arthur tries to get more signatures. D.W. suggests claiming that the landmark is for kittens. Meanwhile, Buster has started giving Derek Montaigne tours.

Mr. Turkel shows Arthur some historical sites while Mr. Ratburn helps collecting signatures.

Buster’s tours come to an end when the mailman mistakes a delivery boy for Derek Montaigne in front of a group of people. Arthur suggests using Buster's map for a new tour.

With the help of Mr. Turkel Arthur and Buster start an “It Happened in Elwood City Walking Tour” that stops at the Sitting Bull tree where Arthur gives a lecture. He has almost 300 signatures, and a vision of Sitting Bull tells him that it is good that his friends know about the people who lived before them.







Episode connections

Cultural references

  • "Summer School Musical" is a parody of the Disney film High School Musical.
  • "Buccaneers of the Bahamas, Part Four” refers to Pirates of the Caribbean. In the real world, the fourth “Pirates” movie was released two and a half years after this episode.
  • Francine and Buster's hover scooters and the year 1885 are elements in Back to the Future.
  • The two dinosaurs in the opening scene are Albertosaurus and Albertonykus, with the latter being depicted with feathers to reflect modern information on dinosaurs.




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