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"Operation: D.W.!"
Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 8b
Original Airdate: United States May 24, 2006[1]
Canada September 22, 2006[3]
United Kingdom November 16, 2006[2]
Germany May 5, 2008[4]
Written by: Stephanie Simpson
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Binky vs. Binky"
"Do You Speak George?"
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"Operation: D.W.!" is the second half of the eighth episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


D.W. needs ear surgery and learns how hospitals help children get better.


In the introduction, Arthur gives examples of how it helps to be prepared for things. However, he was not prepared for D.W.’s birth.

Operation: D.W.!

D.W. fails to hear Ms. Morgan in preschool so Tommy yells at her to come over to the circle. At home, she has to turn the TV all the way up to hear it. Arthur comes in to turn down the volume explaining he has to study but it's too loud, and even her dad says it's too noisy as he can hear it in the kitchen. Her dad realizes something is wrong when he tells D.W. not to stand too close to the screen but she cannot hear from far away. D.W. and her dad visit Dr. Tinnitus the ear doctor/surgeon. She discovers that D.W.'s ears are full of gunk left over from an ear infection. She then explains how someone hears, but since D.W.'s ears are clogged, her hearing isn't good. Since D.W. has already had several ear infections that year, Dr. Tinnitus wants D.W. to come back for an operation to insert small tubes into her eardrums so the gunk will flow out instead of clogging the middle ear.

At home, Arthur is especially nice to D.W. He lets her choose the TV program and brings her cookies. When she asks him why, her tells her that it is because she is being so brave. D.W. did not know that an operation was something you had to be brave about. Mr. Read takes D.W. to the hospital the day before her operation. A nurse examines her and takes a blood sample. She gives D.W. a teddy bear for being brave and D.W. thanks her and tells her dad that they should go. The nurse tells D.W. that she is not done yet and still has to see more doctors.

At night, D.W. tells Arthur about seeing an anesthesiologist. Both Arthur and Mr. Read give her encouraging words. D.W. dreams about being examined by Ms. Morgan and the Tibbles and found to completely lack bravery. The next morning, she claims to be able to hear the TV even though it's muted to try and prove to her dad that her hearing is back to normal. She then says they should cancel the operation and have pancakes instead. Her dad tells her that it is okay to be scared but the operation is necessary. At the hospital, the nurse gives D.W. a hospital gown and a "Number One Patient" sticker. Arthur gives her a good luck mark with his lucky pencil. Dr. Tinnitus arrives and she and Mr. Read bring D.W. to the operating room where she is put under anesthesia.

During the operation, D.W. dreams that she is a superheroine with huge ears who protects a unicorn from a troll. After hearing her parents call her name she wakes up and asks when the operation is and they tell her it's over and they can go home soon. D.W. now can hear better; she can even hear Arthur whispering and while playing doctor, she "discovers" that Arthur has no brains and decides that he needs an operation.







  • This episode is paired with "Binky vs. Binky," which features Vance Legstrong, a character who is a parody of Lance Armstrong. Due to the Lance Armstrong doping case, both of these episodes were pulled from the national rerun rotation in the United States; they have not aired nationally since January 30, 2013.[5] However, it is believed that this episode pair continued airing in reruns on PBS stations that opted to air Arthur reruns on an independent rotation as opposed to the national one.
  • The last part of the intro is actually a flashback of Arthur as a little kid meeting his baby sister D.W.
  • The official name for the tubes D.W. gets is tympanostomy tubes, and the operation to insert them into the ears is called a myringotomy.
  • This episode reveals that D.W. has been bugging Arthur ever since she was a baby.
  • This episode is one of the few in the series where a character is placed in a potentially life-threatening situation, as although the episode never explicitly states it, D.W. could have died on the operating table if something had gone wrong during her ear surgery.

Episode connections[]

  • Arthur's lucky pencil from the episode "Arthur's Lucky Pencil" appears again. However, unlike in "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked," where it is a small one in a plastic bag with its shavings, it is a full size one.
  • When D.W. turns on the TV the day of the operation, claiming she can hear the TV loud and clear, despite the fact the sound is muted, the Valkyrian opera singer from Muffy's dream of her falling asleep at the opera in "Lights, Camera... Opera!" appears on the TV.

Cultural references[]

Production notes[]

  • Like all episodes of Season 10, this episode included the number '10' hidden in various places. For a list of them, see ARTHUR Season 10 Scavenger Hunt.
  • Baby D.W.'s laugh is actually one of Kate's laughs in a higher pitch.

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