"Operation: D.W.!"

Operation D.W. 2

Operation D.W. Title Card

Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 8b
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States May 24, 2006[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 16, 2006[2]
Written by: Stephanie Simpson
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Binky vs. Binky"
"Do You Speak George?"
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"Operation: D.W.!" is the second half of the eighth episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


D.W. goes into the hospital for an ear operation.


In the introduction Arthur gives examples of how it helps to be prepared for things. However, he was not prepared for D.W.’s birth.

Operation: D.W.!

D.W. fails to hear Miss Morgan in preschool. At home she has to turn the TV all the way up to hear it. Her dad notices something is wrong.

D.W. and her dad visit Dr. Tinnitus the ear doctor/surgeon. She discovers that D.W.’s ears are full of gunk. Since D.W. has already had several ear infections that year, Dr. Tinnitus wants D.W. to come back for an operation to insert small tubes into her eardrums so the gunk will flow out instead of clogging the middle ear.

At home Arthur is especially nice to D.W. He lets her choose the TV program and brings her cookies. When she asks him why, her tells her that it is because she is being so brave. D.W. did not know that an operation was something you had to be brave about.

Mr. Read takes D.W. to the hospital the day before her operation. A nurse examines her and takes a blood sample. She gives D.W. a teddy bear for being brave and D.W. thanks her and tells her dad that they should go. The nurse tells D.W. that she's not done yet and still has to see more doctors.

At night D.W. tells Arthur about seeing an anesthesiologist. Both Arthur and her dad give her encouraging words.

D.W. dreams about being examined by Miss Morgan and the Tibbles and found to completely lack bravery. The next morning she claims to be able to hear the TV, not realizing that the sound is turned off. Her dad tells her that it is okay to be scared but the operation is necessary.

At the hospital the nurse gives D.W. a hospital gown and a “Number One Patient” sticker. Arthur gives her a good luck mark with his lucky pencil. Dr. Tinnitus arrives and she and Mr. Read bring D.W. to the operating room where she is put under anesthesia.

During the operation D.W. dreams that she is a superheroine with huge ears who protects a unicorn from a troll.

After D.W. wakes up, her parents take her home. D.W. now can hear Arthur whispering and while playing doctor she “discovers” that Arthur has no brains and decides that he needs an operation..







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Cultural references

  • Dr. Tinnitus is named for a malfunction of the ear which causes the patient to hear sounds that are not there.
  • When D.W. is examined before the operation the other names on the nurse's clipboard are Nancy Simard, Mario Gailloux, Junian Huang and Rolando Chia. They are people who have worked on either Arthur or Postcards from Buster.

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