"Opposites Distract"

Opposites Distract

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Season/Series: 17
Number in season: 4a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States November 14, 2013[1]
Flag of Canada November 14, 2013
Flag of the United Kingdom October 30, 2013[2]
Flag of Australia April 26, 2013[3]
Written by: Matt Hoverman
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Buster Bombs"
"Just the Ticket"

"Opposites Distract" is the first half of the fourth episode in the seventeenth season of Arthur.


Arthur and Buster are best friends. But when a leaky roof forces Arthur to study in Buster's room, they discover that they make better friends than roommates.[3]


Arthur's roof has a leak in it, so he has to study everywhere. First he tried the den, but Jane was talking. Next, he tries D.W.'s room, but D.W. was making noises. Finally, he tries to study in the tree house, but it did not go well. The next day, Buster invites Arthur to his condo to study, much to Francine and Muffy's dismay. In Buster's room, it was messy, the clothes were dirty, and Buster was chomping loudly. The next day, Arthur went to Buster's condo to organize. When Buster got home, he was surprised to see his room clean and blames Arthur for it. Later, Arthur is cleaning his glasses and annoying Buster. Meanwhile, Bitzi is telling Jane that Arthur and Buster aren't getting along well. Back at Buster's room, Buster scolds Arthur for being in the bathroom for too long while Arthur scolds Buster for keeping too many old toothbrushes in there and that he organized them. Arthur then steps on Rhubarbados, much to Buster's annoyance. Later, Arthur is still cleaning his glasses, which irritates Buster. The two fight and the two agree to stop studying together. At Muffy's mansion, Muffy tells Buster about the time Muffy went to stay at Francine's house. They argue about it, but were interrupted when Buster left. Back at Buster's room, Bitzi is serving spaghetti marshmallow balls when he finds Arthur in there who explains he and Buster aren't friends anymore. Meanwhile, Buster goes to see D.W. to tell him about what happened. He then offers to study with D.W., but D.W. calls her mom, which made Buster leave. Meanwhile, Bitzi is talking to Arthur when Buster comes in. After Bitzi leaves, Arthur and Buster apologize to each other.  Arthur comments on Buster's dirty laundry and Buster explains that he folded Arthur's map and put it under his desk, which upsets Arthur. They argue again, prompting Arthur to leave. As Arthur was leaving, he broke the door handle. While they waited, they played Monster Surgery. Suddenly, Bitzi broke the door down. At home, Arthur calls Buster, who invites him to his condo after he finishes his homework. Then, the roof leaks, causing Buster to go crazy and the episode finishes.






  • This is the first time Arthur has taken off his glasses since 9 Story Entertainment began animating the show.

Cultural references

  • D.W. thought the repairmen on the roof were Santa Claus and his reindeer.
  • Buster imagined being able to make a timeline of the War of 1812.
  • Bitzi compares the situation between Arthur and Buster to "that old sitcom". This is a reference to The Odd Couple, and a portion of the show's theme music plays during the imagination spot.
  • When Buster speaks with D.W. in her room, she is sitting in a chair which slowly rotates and reveals her stroking a stuffed bunny in a scene reminiscent of The Godfather movies. 
  • Buster is eating various foods into the shapes of countries.
  • Monster Surgery is a parody of Operation.

Episode connections

  • Francine and Muffy compare Buster and Arthur sharing a room to their own experience in "Poor Muffy".
  • Buster learned that foil hats can supposedly block mind control rays. He had previously demonstrated this in "Phony Fern".

Production notes

  • In the episode, it is proclaimed that the roof started leaking on November 13, which was the day before the North American air date.


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