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"Pal and the Big Itch"
Season/Series: 21
Number in season: 7b
Original Airdate: United States February 15, 2018[1][2]
United Kingdom June 14, 2020[3]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Invasion of the Soccer Fans"
"Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone"
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"Pal and the Big Itch" is the second half of the seventh episode in the twenty-first season of Arthur.


Pal takes advantage of his friends' special treatment when he has to wear a cone.


The episode starts of with a car backing and hitting a garbage can. [Amigo] is intrigued and plays in the garbage. When he arrives home, the family is disgusted. Kate is now talking to Pal about how bad it is to roll around in garbage. Pal continues to scratch an itch on his leg. The next day, is lying in his bed when he sees that Pal is scratching his itch. He suggests that Pal should go to the vet. Pal is afraid by the idea and hides under Arthur's bed. Outside, Kate, Killer, and Amigo talked in the sandbox about Pal's itch. Killer fears that it's "the big itch" which she says it's an itch so bad that no matter how you scratch it, it won't let you go. She then demonstrates by biting a bone and shaking it. Amigo comments that the only thing worse than the big itch is the cone! While he said that, David arrives home with Pal having a cone. Pal then tells Amigo, Killer, and Kate on how traumatizing the vet was. He said that he even lost his appetite. The dogs and Kate gasp, and then Jane sets down Pal's food. Pal tries to eat it, but the cone keeps pushing the bowl. He gives up, and says that the will starve. Kate is now in her crib scratching Pal's back before taking a break. Pal's itch begins to become unbearable. Killer tells a story on her Grandfather. Arthur icon.gifThis article's missing a Plot section. You can help by adding one!







  • Marc Brown makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of this episode.
  • Pal's mother, Perky, is indirectly mentioned when Pal is talking to Amigo in the last scene.

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